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Innovative material and design

As the result of many years of research and development, Menicon has succeeded in developing new materials and designs for gas permeable lenses, Menicon Z doesn’t only have only hyper gas permeability but also excellent wettability thereby offering all wearers the benefits of long term corneal health, vision and comfort

Chemical breakthrough

Lenses made in Menicon Z material can provide superior visual correction and is excellent for patients with astigmatism. It combines novel polymer components that increase the material strength and stability.

This chemical structure results in excellent mechanical properties, allowing the lens to be made significantly thinner than a typical rigid gas permeable lens. Historically, the strength of gas permeable materials would decrease as oxygen permeability increased. However, Menicon has worked to create a new material with both enhanced strength and hyper oxygen permeability Which allows for lenses to be made thinner and improves comfort.

This new polymer is composed of a novel siloxanylstyrene, fluoromethacrylate, and benzotriazol UV absorber.

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Oxygen permeability (Dk 163)

The oxygen permeability (Dk 163 ISO /189 Fatt) of Menicon Z exceeds all other GP materials.

Menicon Z is the first material to be classified in the "hyper-oxygen transmissibility" category by a leading expert in the field of oxygen permeability research*.

*Benjamin W J.EOP and Dk/L: the quest for hyper transmissibility. Journal of the American Optometric Association


Dr.Benjamin Classification

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Hyper-Dk, combined with superior strength and wettability!

Change your mind with Menicon Z material when discovering its hyper Dk safety and excellent physical properties (due to the siloxanylstyrene component). Menicon Z has higher resistance to breakage and scratches thanks to its physical strength hardness, and has excellent deposit resistance combined with incredible wettability compared to other high and super Dk materials.

Menicon Z Material impact strengtht

It allows the manufacture of significantly thinner lenses in a material which combines superior strength, stability and wettability.

For new wearers, it offers them contact lenses with clear vision and enhanced comfort from the first day!


Lipid deposition

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