Menicon Z-α

With α design, more people can now wear contact lenses. Menicon Z-α, high oxygen permeable GP Lenses.

World-class lens material,
Menicon Z material.

Z material is a high oxygen permeability material which is safe for your eyes. In addition, its toughness makes it possible to manufacture this design. The material also contains a UV absorber to absorb harmful ultraviolet tight.

α design provides
comfortable eye sight.

α design provides good centering and optical tear exchange with comfortable eyesight and wide optical zone.

Advanced GP Lenses


Menicon Z-α Design

Unique design factors

1. Easy to fit on cornea

The lens has a central spherical zone and an aspheric periphery. Similar to the inner surface configuration of Menicon Z-α, a central spherical and aspheric periphery are utilized which makes it possible to fit your cornea configuration naturally for comfort.

2. Good Centering

Menicon Z-α is designed with a consideration for stability of fit and to allow the upper eyelid to move easily pull the lens back up by thinning the central part of the contact lenses and thickening the periphery. This holds potential for lowering the incidence of 3 and 9 o'clock corneal staining.

3. More comfortable

Setting an optic zone diameter of 7.6mm* makes it possible to deal with lens movement and pupil changes. (* on as 8.8mm diameter lens)


Lens Specification

Material main components siloxanylstyrene oxygen permeability factor 163 × 10-11 (cm2 / sec)・(mLO2 / (mL ×mmHg))
ISO18369-4 (polarographic method)
handling tint blue refractive index 1.44
UV absorbent benzotoriazol ultraviolet absorbent light transmittance over 90%
(B.C.7.80mm/ P.-3.00D/ Dia.8.8mm)
center thickness 0.15mm
inner and outer optic zone 7.6mm
bevel 0.6mm

* Products and availability may vary by country.

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