Forget your Presbyopia

Are you becoming far-sighted? Discover Menicon multifocal lenses


As soon as the first signs of age-related far-sightedness appear (blurred close-up vision, particulaly under subdued light, reading from further away, etc.), consider Menicon Z multifocal contact lenses.

Since your far-sightedness changes over time, Menicon Z multifocal contact lenses change as well, guaranteeing you optimum quality of vision.

A range of Z multifocal contact lenses for all types of short-sightedness and for all stages of age-related far-sightedness :
  • You have never worn either glasses or contact lenses.
  • You already wear glasses for far-sightedness.
  • You are already short-sighted or far-sighted and/or astigmatic.

A contact lens solution especially for you!

After an eye examination and listening to your near and distance vision requirements, your specialist will determine exactly what type of lens is most suitable for your eyes and lifestyle.
He or she will define the characteristics of your contact lenses by determining the addition required for your far-sightedness (if you already wear glasses, it may be different).

Your specialist will tell you how to wear and maintain your lenses and how to insert and remove your contact lenses by wearing them progressively.

All Menicon Z multifocal contact lenses are made of Z material, ultra-permeable to oxygen, allowing them to be worn daily in all manners and/or continuously for up to 30 days in complete safety.

Each contact lens has a very specific near view and distance view zone. Several choices of geometry are proposed according to two vision principles: alternate vision or simultaneous vision.

Alternate vision...

You decide wether you want to see close-up or far-off; it all depends on where you direct your gaze.

While looking straight ahead

Distance vision

While looking downward (without lowering your head)

Near vision

Simultaneous vision...

All images reach your retina at the same time, whatever the distance and the object you are looking at: it is your brain that spontaneously sorts out these images, only conserving clear distant or near images

Distance vision

Near vision

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