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Menicon's New Standard:
Touch-Free Inner
Lens Surface
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Hassle Free

How the Packaging Works

There is no need to touch the inner surface. Totally hygienic!
The package is designed to keep the inner surface of the contact lens facing downward. This design makes it possible to take a contact lens out without touching its inner surface.

Regular Blister Pack
Regular Blister Pack
Designed to keep the inner surface of the lens facing downward.

Simple Show

Introducing how SMART TOUCH functions in an easily understandable video!

Easy to apply in 4 simple steps!

  1. Step 1
    Open by peeling back the foil on the lens case.
  2. Step 2
    Pinch a lens
    Pinch the lens between your thumb and index finger.
  3. Step 3
    Place a lens
    Position the lens on your index finger, it’s the right way up and ready to wear.
  4. Step 4
    Put in
    Apply the lens to your eye.

Hygienic, because your fingers do not touch the inner surface!

The design makes it possible to apply the contact lenses without touching the inner surface.
For Professionals
Why choose SMART TOUCH

Customer FeedBack

(Data based on survey conducted.)
It feels hygienic.
Menicon data on file

For me it is really good because it is hygienic.

Mathilde, Female (28)

Not having to touch the inside is more hygienic,
which is a plus.

Jennifer, Female (37)
It was easy to differentiate
the front from the back.
Menicon data on file

It was very easy to pinch the lens once you reach into the package and I thought it was really easy compared to scooping it out like other contact lenses because the convex shape actually helps guide you.

Rachel, Female (31)

It's safer, since you don't touch the inner side.

Emmanuel, Male (31)
Right side up

Just seems like it's a lot simpler.
I didn't realize that with other lenses the inside faces up.
This one looks a little better.

Stephanie, Female (31)
Right side up

I think it would be easier, and I do like the idea of Smart Touch
of not having to touch the inside of the lens at all.

Jessica, Female (28)
First impression on Smart Touch
First impression

New concept.

Nathascha, Female (30)
First impression

Just what I'd want.

Morgan, Male (57)
First impression

Clever idea.

Anastaisa, Female (37)

About Menicon

A Story of the Founder

"If I had first been shown contact lenses, I may have never made them myself, and merely become an owner of an optometrist's store." reminisces Kyoichi Tanaka, the founder of Menicon. His major turning point came while working at an optometrists store after the war. The wife of a US military officer who was a regular customer of the store boasted to him saying, "I have a pair of contact lenses, too." He didn't know what they were made of, nor the shape of them. All he knew was, that they were something people applied directly to their eyes.
Being in post-war Japan, Kyoichi wholeheartedly devoted himself to producing contact lenses.
He examined his own eyes and his family's eyes, and then using a small second-hand lathe, after disassembling, repairing and modifying it, he shaped round pieces of plastic about the size of the iris, and then finished them with polish.
He made himself his own guinea pig. In order to investigate by repeated trial and error how the lenses affected his eyes, he rode his bike and even swam in a nearby river, with the lenses in.
It was only three months later when he completed a prototype. He had come up with his own original lenses that were almost the same shape as current hard contact lenses, and then succeeded in commercializing them.
Tanaka says; "Failure is a failure because you give up in the middle, so it won't become a failure if you keep on working until achieving the goal".

Our Philosophy of Craftsmanship

Menicon's spirit of "craftsmanship" can be said to have originated with the late Kazan Tanaka, the first chairman of Menicon. Kazan, the father of Kyoichi Tanaka, was a bamboo carving artisan, who crafted various items out of bamboo.
Kazan's children assisted their strict father from a young age, cleaning his workshop and in preparations for his work. They grew up always attentively observing their father as he diligently worked bamboo.

This diligent craftsmanship philosophy, with a mindset of being intolerant of compromise, and devising creative solutions, visualizing the product in the hands of the user, also came to be passed down.

Management Principles

From raw material research, through to production and inspection, our company works on the entire process of producing contact lenses. "Menicon-style DNA" is our spirit to take on any challenge, along with our sense of ingenuity and creativity, and has been passed down to this day under our corporate slogan of "Contributing to society by providing superior visual correction".

Global Network

For the Delivery of Safe and High Quality Contact Lenses to People throughout the World.
Menicon has set up bases around the world, and produces contact lenses tailored to local eye care needs. From Menicon in Japan, to Menicon around the world ― our challenge continues.

A Story of the Founder
Our Philosophy of Craftsmanship
Management Principles
Global Network