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Menicon Soft MA

Menicon Soft MA is a lathe-cut soft lens designed for exceptional wearing comfort and easy handling.

  • Menicon Soft MA material containing 38% water content is deposit resistant and easy to handle (aquamarine tint).

    The center thickness of Menicon Soft MA is only 0.09mm (-3.00D), which brings smooth fitting on the cornea. The gently rounded edge is one of the secrets behind the comfort that many wearers experience.

    The lens marking guarantees the quality of Menicon Soft MA, which is marked with the Menicon logo and the lens parameter for ease of identification whether the lens is inside out or not.

    Note: Small corneal diameter also available.

  • Menicon Soft MA


Menicon Soft 72

  • Menicon Soft 72 is a soft contact lens that contains 72% water and has high oxygen permeability for a soft hydrophilic lens.

    Menicon Soft 72 is made from a unique hydrophilic copolymer composed of N, N-dimethyl acrylamide (DMAA) and N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone (N-VP). The material has non-ionic characteristics that mean it is deposit resistant, and maintains a stable shape. Therefore, Menicon Soft 72 gives better vision, greater comfort and easier handling.

    The edge of the lens is one of the most important factors for wearing comfort. Tears circulating under the lens can transport important substances such as oxygen, to the eyes when the edge has the ideal shape. The edge of Menicon Soft 72 is designed to enhance tear exchange. This means that tears can circulate well under the lens also transporting the oxygen that is so vital to the health of your eyes.

    Menicon Soft 72 is tinted in aquamarine. It is easy to distinguish the existence of lens inside or out of the lens the case and on the fingertip. Also Menicon Soft 72 is marked for ease of identification whether the lens is inside-out or not.

  • Menicon Soft 72


Menicon Soft 72 Toric

  • Menicon Soft 72 Toric combines Soft 72 material with a unique design that chooses both prism ballast and double slab-off to obtain stable vision and wearing comfort.

    Soft 72 material contains 72% water and its toric design can naturally correct astigmatism. Menicon Soft 72 Toric has achieved optimal balance between good visual correction and natural wear.

    To prevent the vision decline from the lens rotating on cornea while blinking, the prism ballast design contributes to stable vision by thickening slightly at the bottom.

    Double slab-off design increases wearing comfort and gives good oxygen transmissibility. Also Menicon Soft 72 Toric is marked for ease of identification whether the lens is inside-out or not.

  • Menicon Soft 72 Toric

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