Menifocal Z

Menifocal Z is basically a concentric design, which has a center optical zone for distance and periphery optical zone for near vision.

The unique transition zone allows for the reduction of blur and doubling.

Menifocal Z also utilizes an aspherical front surface that contributes to the effective Add power, while the spherical back surface allows for easy fitting.

Similar or better distance vision and comfort than normal GP contact lenses

Menifocal Z has the distance optical zone in the center.

This gives a similar distance vision to normal contact lenses. The Menifocal Z design strives to ensure a maximum bifocal effect without losing the original advantages of GP lenses. Menifocal Z incorporates uniquely advanced optical zones bound together with a unique transition zone.

Alternating Vision

Distance vision

The rays passing through the center optical zone can be focused at the retina.

The distance optical zone is set centrally to cover the pupil when looking straight-ahead, which results in clear distance vision.

Near vision

The periphery optical zone contains the reading Add power.

The lens translates with the downward gaze for near vision. The near optical zone can cover the pupil, which results in clear near vision.


The Menifocal Z lens material is a polymer composed of fluoro-methacrylate and a siloxanylstyrene, which ensures the highest level of oxygen to the cornea, Hyper Dk.

No other bifocal contact lens is currently able to supply oxygen to the cornea at this level.

Menifocal Z is approved for up to 30 days continuous wear under the supervision of eye care professional.

Physical/Optical Properties

Refractive Index Ne20 1.440
Light Transmittance >90% (380 to 780 nm, 0.1 mm sample thickness)
<5%(210 to 380 nm, 0.1 mm sample thickness)
Water Absorption Less than 0.5% by weight (25° C)
Specific Gravity 1.20 (25° C)
Oxygen Permeability 163 x 10-11(cm2/sec)⋅(mlO2/(ml x mmHg))*
189 x 10-11(cm2/sec)⋅(mlO2/(ml x mmHg))**

* Method for determination: ISO 9913.1:1996
** Measurement of Dk by the Fatt polarographic method without edge effect correction

Dk/L(Dk/t), Oxygen Transmissibility

The hyper Dk value of the material of Menifocal Z lenses combined with the thin design further enhances the oxygen transmissibility.

Menicon Z, which has already been launched in an aspheric design, is the first material to be classified in the "hyper-oxygen transmissibility" category by Dr. Joe Benjamin, a leading expert in the field of oxygen transmissibility research of contact lenses.

* Measurement of Dk by the Fatt polarographic method without edge effect correction

UV Filter

Menifocal Z contains benzotriazol, an ingredient which absorbs ultraviolet light.

The Menifocal Z material blocks over 90% of harmful UVA and UVB rays from the light entering the eyes.

Manufacturing Range

Base curves 7.10 ~ 7.40 7.50 ~ 8.50 (0.10 steps)
Diameters 9.4 / 9.6 9.6 / 9.8
Power range +5.00 to -13.00 (0.25D steps)
Addition +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 (0.50D steps)

Recommended Lens Care Solutions

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