Menicon Z Night


Menicon Z Night lenses are worn at night to flatten the cornea into a more spherical shape.

Myopia and/or astigmatism is corrected after the first night with stable vision achieved within a week.

Menicon Z Night lens are indicated in the following cases:

Menicon Z Night
  • Myopia ≤ -4.00 D
  • With-the-rule astigmatism ≤ 1.50 D
  • Against-the-rule astigmatism ≤ 0.75 D
Menicon Z Night Toric
  • Myopia ≤ -4.00 D
  • With-the-rule astigmatism ≤ 2.50 D
  • Against-the-rule astigmatism ≤ 1.50 D


For patients, a safer and reversible option versus refractive surgery:

  • Freedom from visual correction during the day and excellent vision to undertake all sorts of activities.
  • Minimized allergy and dry eye problems and no more dust particles.
  • Safe Menicon Z night lens wear with maximum corneal oxygenation (hyper Dk Menicon Z material).
  • Right and left lenses in different colours to avoid mistakes.

For fitters:

  • Minimum investment in time and money with no inconvenient trial set system.


Lens Design (NKL)

Menicon Z Night is a reverse geometry contact lens.

The base curve is responsible for flattening the central cornea and thus reducing myopia.

The reverse curve is the link between the central and tangential peripheral parts of the lens.

The tear reservoir zone is located in the reverse curve, which, together with the three fenestrations, allows optimum tear exchange. The tangential curve allows adequate centration of the lens on the eye.


  • r0: 7.20 to 10.00 mm (in 0.10 mm steps)
  • øT: 10.20 / 10.60 mm (standard) / 11 .00 mm
Menicon Z Night
  • Tangential angle: 46° to 63° (in 1° steps)
  • Sagittal depth: 0.30 to 1.00 mm (in 0.01 mm steps)
Menicon Z Night Toric
  • Tangential angle: 46 to 63° (in 1° steps) in the 2 meridians
  • Sagittal depth: 0.30 to 1.00 mm (in 0.01 mm steps) in the 2 meridians


Menicon Z Material


hyper-permeable copolymer of siloxanyl styrene and fluoromethacrylate

Oxygen permeability

163 x 10-11 (cm2/sec) [mL02/(mL•mmHg)](ISO 9913-1)
189 x 10-11 (cm2/sec) [mL02/(mL• mmHg)] (revised FATT)

Surface treatment

to allow optimum wettability of the lens surface, high resistance against breakage and scratches

Menicon Z is the world's only Hyper Dk GP lens material approved by the FDA for up to 30 days continuous wear.

UV Filter



pink right lens and blue left lens


Easyfit software

Menicon Z Night is fitted with the help of a corneal topographer and the Easyfit software.

By inputting measurements of ocular refraction and corneal topography, the software automatically assesses whether the potential patient is suitable for orthokeratology treatment.

The software will automatically calculate the most adequate lens to begin the treatment.

Additionally, the software offers help in troubleshooting and improving lens fittings.


Fitting Assessment

Once the Menicon Z Night fit is completed, on the following night, the wearer should sleep in the lens, and have a contact lens consultation on the morning following the first night of lens wear.

Once the lens fitting assessment has been completed, the lens should be removed and corneal topography performed to assess the corneal changes. Although the corneal topography on the morning following the first night of overnight wear will provide valuable information about the lens fit, the results after three weeks of lens wear will dictate whether the lens fit is satisfactory.

In cases of unsuccessful lens fittings which require changing the lens, the Easyfit software will process the information obtained from the lens worn, together with the corneal topography results, in order to calculate the new lens.


Several sample corneal topography maps
taken following the wearing of Menicon Z Night.

The image on the top left shows the corneal topography before lens wear, the image on the bottom reflects the topography after lens wear, and the larger image on the right shows the corneal topography change pre-lens vs. post-lens wear.

Optimal fitting (Bulls-eye)

The sagittal depth and centration are correct which indicates the lens is well-fitted.

Menicon Z Night shows an excellent effect of flattening the cornea and reducing myopia. The resultant visual acuity is excellent and thus this lens could be prescribed to the patient.

Flat fitting (Smiley face)

The lens is decentred as a result of insufficient tangential angle, leading to a flat fit.

This fitting results in excessive corneal flattening, which in certain cases could induce temporary irregular astigmatism. The red semicircle shows a smiley face appearance. The Easyfit software will calculate the new lens required.

Steep fitting (Central island)

The lens is well-centered, but the sagittal depth is higher than needed, leading to a steep fit, and resulting in an inadequate corneal flattening and visual acuity. The Easyfit software will calculate the new lens required.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits should be carried out in the following time intervals:
  • In early morning after 1st night
  • In morning after 1st week
  • In mid-afternoon after 3 weeks
  • In mid-afternoon after 2 months
  • In mid-afternoon after 3 months
  • Then a follow-up every 6 months




Menicon recommends MeniCare Plus for daily lens cleaning, rinsing, disinfection and inserting, and weekly intensive cleaning with Progent. For further details, please see the instructions of use for these products.


Every Menicon Z Night lens is packed in an aqueous solution of polyhexamethylene biguanide.

Once the original lens vial is opened, the packing solution should be discarded, and the lens rinsed with fresh MeniCare Plus solution before insertion.

* Products and availability may vary by country.

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