2week Menicon PremiO

Silicon hydrogel contact lenses from Menicon with MeniSilk & Nanogloss technology.
The lens features a balanced combination of oxygen permeability (Dk 129) and water content (40%).

2week Menicon PremiO | Package

Menicon PremiO lenses are the fruit of Japanese research. They bring to your eye the maximum amount of oxygen thanks to the latest generation of ultra permeable material: the Silicone Hydrogel.

This means more comfort:
  • Throughout the day.
  • When using computers, or watching TV, etc.
  • In an air conditioned environment.
  • Late at night.

Menicon PremiO lenses are for both nearsighted and farsighted people, to be replaced every two weeks.

From the very first moment of wear, these lenses guarantee excellent visual quality thanks to the moistening agent water retainer: Menisilk.

Menicon PremiO coating fights against lipid buildup.

Menicon PremiO is available in two base curves (8.30 & 8.60) and a wide range of powers (from +6.00D to -13.00D).

A marking on the lens provides:

An in dication of the base curve


How long will it take to feel comfortable with Menicon Premio?
Menicon PremiO is immediately comfortable from the first second, all day, every day.
How much do I need to learn to handle the lenses?
Menicon PremiO is very easy to handle with a little time and practice.
Are contact lenses difficult to care for?
Menicon PremiO care recommendations given by your contact lens specialist are easy to follow.
Is it possible for the lens to move behind my eye?
This is a typical question but it is not possible.
Am I old enough to wear contact lenses?
There is no minimum age limit regarding wearing contact lenses. Please discuss with your contact lens specialist.
Do you recommend wearing contact lenses while doing sports?
Menicon PremiO contact lenses offer many benefits for sports. We only recommend removing the lenses when going swimming.
What are the benefits of silicone hydrogel compared to conventional soft lenses?
Silicone hydrogel lenses let your eyes breathe with a greater oxygen supply. It means safer long term contact lens wear and better comfort.
How long can I wear my Menicon PremiO lenses?
The lenses can be worn all day, every day for up to 2 weeks, and a maximum 6 nights extended wear.
Can I keep wearing Menicon PremiO for one month or more?
In order to maintain healthy eyes, it is important to respect the 2 week replacement schedule.
I have dry eyes. Can I wear Menicon PremiO contact lenses?
It is possible, but first ask your contact lens specialist for any changes to the recommended wearing schedule.
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