Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack

Good start. Good day.
Taking its name from the Japanese verb that means "to see," 1day Miru is here with a visionary range of new Good Start products to help you have another Good Day.

Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack | Packages

The 1mm breakthrough, 1-day contact lens

1day Miru's 1mm flat pack isn't just slim. It also opens easily, and presents the lens with the outer surface facing up. So there's no fumbling about, and dirt and oil on your fingers are less likely to get transferred to the surface of your eye.

Easy-to-open packaging

  • 1.Easy to open

    1. Easy to open

  • 2. Easy to take out

    2. Easy to take out

  • 3. Easy to wear

    3. Easy to wear

All-day hydration and comfort

  • 1day Miru lenses are made from poly(HEMA-GMA), a material that bonds readily with water and resists drying for all-day hydration and comfort.

  • 1day Miru's unique CENTRAFORM edge design helps reduce friction between your eyelid and the edge of the lens when you blink.

Environmental focus

  • The secondary boxes are made from recycled lens mould plastic.

  • The primary packages are made from significantly less material.

* Products and availability may vary by country.

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