Menifocal Z

For a wonderful senior life.

Menicon has been focused on developing contact lenses that place top priority on ocular safety. Our goal is to offer all wearers contact lenses that fit their particular lifestyles and needs.

The Menifocal Z was launched as a culmination of years of research to meet the needs of bifocal lens users all over the world.

Not just the design but the material is also the result of years of research. It uses the world's only hyper-oxygen-permeable GP material.

The lens design helps ensure less ghosting and blurred vision with its unique design merging the transition between the distance and near optic zones and also incorporates a UV filter.

This new generation bifocal lens, Menifocal Z, is designed to provide a new level of satisfaction for practitioners and patients alike.

High oxygen permeability which allows the eyes to breathe.

Our lenses are able to achieve a high oxygen permeability factor of Dk level 163** and do not interfere with the breathing of the eyes.

*Method for determination: ISO 9913.1:1996 **x10-11(cm2/sec)・(mLO2/(mL x mmHg))

GP lenses that allow prolonged use.

It's possible to use the lenses for up to 30 days under an ophthalmologist's instruction.

* Continuous Wear may not be suitable for users who have an unusual quantity of tears or allergic dispositions.

You can see near and far naturally.

Better visibility can be achieved with the smooth transition between distance and nearness zones.

The lenses design provides stable visibility in every situation.

* Products and availability may vary by country.

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