Taking care of your Menicon GP lenses With Progent every week

The use of Progent once a week is recommended for a more thorough cleaning and to remove protein deposits.

Cleaning instructions

  1. Open Progent A and B containers by gently twisting the top of the containers and fill the vial with Progent A and B, careful not to spill.

  2. Rub the lenses, with MeniCare Plus.

  3. Place the lenses in the lens holders on the vial's cap, rinse with MeniCare Plus for 20 seconds.

  4. Close the vial cap securely, gently shake if a few times. and soak the lenses in progent for 30 minutes maximum.

  5. Open the vial, and thoroughly rinse the lenses with MeniCare Plus.

  6. Rub lenses with MeniCare Plus.

  7. After rinsing the lenses again with MeniCare Plus, you can wear the lenses or store them in a lens case with MeniCare Plus.
    After lenses have been removed from the vial holders, discard Progent mixture into sink with MeniCare Plus, and allow the vial to air dry.

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