GP Lens | Handling & Care

Starting out tips

  • Insert your lenses before applying make-up.
  • Remove them before removing make-up.
  • Always remember to properly clean your hands (with soap and water), then rinse and dry them with a non-fluffy towel.
  • Plug the washbasin to avoid any accidental loss.
  • Prepare your lens case and the replenishing solution and place yourself in front of a mirror.
  • Always handle your lenses with care and avoid any contact with your nails (which should be filed regularly).
  • Always start with the same eye, with the right lens for example (to avoid putting them in the wrong eye).



  • Always remove make-up after removing your lenses. Avoid using greasy products.
  • If you are bothered by a lens, it may be due to the presence of dust: remove the lens and rinse it again. If the difficulty persists, remove your lenses and consult your eye specialist.
  • Immediately remove your lenses if your eyes are red or irritated and contact your optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist.
  • Remember to take a lens case and a travelling bottle with you as well as your glasses.


How to insert your GP lenses

  1. Unscrew the right cap of the case and thoroughly rinse the lens on the lens holder with MeniCare Plus solution.
  2. Place the right lens on your right index finger, using your thumb to help open the support.
  3. Lower the lower eyelid with your right middle finger and raise the upper eyelid with your left index finger. Place the lens on your cornea.
  4. Gently release the lower eyelid then the upper eyelid.
  5. Raise your head and check your vision by covering your other eye.

Repeat the same steps to remove your left lens.

  • Empty the case and leave it open to dry.
  • If your lenses are not properly centered, look to the side where the lens is decentered and replace it gently by lightly pressing on the eyelids.
  • If your vision seems blurred,check that you have not swapped your right and left lenses.


How to remove your GP lenses

  1. Remember to wash, rinse and dry your hands before removing your lenses.
  2. Fill your case with MeniCare Plus solution.
  3. Always begin by removing the same lens, choosing one of the following methods:

    1st Method:

    With your head tilted forward, open your eyes wide while looking straight ahead and quickly stretch the outer edge of the eyelids, catching the lens in the palm of the other hand.

    2nd Method:

    With your head tilted forward, place your right index finger on the lower eyelid, level with the eyelashes, and your left index finger on the upper eyelid, also level with the eyelashes. Open your eyes wide and bring your fingers together while applying slight pressure, which frees the lens from the eye.

    3rd Method with a suction extractor:

    First check that your lens is properly centred. Place your right middle finger on the lower eyelid, level with the eyelashes, and your left index finger on the upper eyelid. Open your eyes wide and with the aid of the suction extractor, held between your thumb and index finger, create a slight pressure on the lens (not on your eye!).

  4. Then place the lens in the palm of your hand and clean it, following the instructions provided with your MeniCare Plus solution.

Repeat the same steps to remove your left lens.


Safety DO's & Safety DON'Ts

Safety DO's

  • Change the replenishing solution in the case every day.
  • If you do not wear your lenses for several days, store them in their properly sealed case filled with MeniCare Plus solution, which should be renewed at least once a month.
  • Always keep your lens case very clean. Empty, clean and rinse it with MeniCare solution before leaving it to dry in the open air.
  • Replace your case at least every three months (a new case is supplied with each box of MeniCare Plus).
  • Close the bottle after use and store it at room temperature in a dark place.
  • Comply with the replenishing solution use-by-date and discard it three months after opening.
  • Consult your ophthalmologist, optician or optometrist before using any ocular treatment at the same time as wearing your lenses.

Safety DON'Ts

  • Never use tap water, saliva or large volumes of physiological serum without preservative to rinse or store your lenses!
  • Avoid any contact with water.
  • Do not wear your lenses when playing rough sports.

Wearing your lenses in aquatic environments (swimming pools, rivers, etc.) is not recommended because there is an increased risk of infection.

Do not change the replenishing solution or brand of lenses without discussing it beforehand with your prescribing optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Failure to follow advice and hygiene rules can lead to intolerance and a serious risk of ocular infection.


Taking care of your Menicon Z lenses

With MeniCare Plus and Progent

It is important to follow the maintenance advice given by your prescribing optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist and stick to therescribed preplenishing solutions.

Menicon recommends MeniCare Plus multipurpose solution for cleaning, rinsing after cleaning, decontaminating/storing and rinsing before inserting your lenses.

Combined with Progent once a week, for deproteinization and intensive cleaning.

Greater daily comfort with MeniCare Plus

  1. Cleaning

    Place the lens in the palm of your hand and very gently massageit with your index finger (for around 20 seconds), pouring several drops of MeniCare Plus multipurpose solution onto the lens.

  2. Rinsing after cleaning

    Slide the lens into the lens holder support of the corresponding cap (R for right and L for left) of the case and rinse the lens with MeniCare Plus solution.

  3. Decontamination

    Fill the case with fresh solution and leave the lens to soak, ensuring the cap is properly sealed. Repeat these steps for the second lens

  4. Rinsing before inserting
    Before inserting your lenses, rinse them again with MeniCare Plus solution.

The Progent reflex, once a week

This step is important to guarantee consisten quality of vision optimize comfort and extend the lifetime of your lenses.
(Carefully read the precautions indicated in the product directions for use).

  1. Place each lens in the corresponding support of the Progent case. “R”: right, “L”: left.
  2. Carefully open a dose of the A liquid then a dose of the B liquid without touching the opening and pour them into the Progent case.

    NB: If you accidentally splash Progent into your eyes, immediately rinse with copious amounts of running water and consult your optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist.

    Avoid contact with the skin and clothing (bleaching).

  3. Close the case and mix gently.
    Leave to soak for 30 minutes (but no longer than 30 minutes).
  4. Open the case and empty out the contents.
  5. You must thoroughly rinse your lenses on their support with MeniCare Plus solution (for at least 15 seconds).
  6. Then clean your lenses as usual with MeniCare Plus. Your lenses are now ready to be worn or stored in the case filled with MeniCare Plus solution.

When you wear your lenses continuously day and night, Menicon Progent is recommended when you remove your lenses at the wearing intervals specified by your optician, optometrist or ophthalmologist, in combination with MeniCare Plus.

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